Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Assistant Communication

TAs are expected to make every effort to make themselves available to meet with the course instructor at various times throughout the semester, as needed, such as for weekly TA meetings, exam grading sessions, course prep, etc.

If a TA is unable to perform required work for any reason (illness, personal issue, etc.) the course instructor should be notified as soon as possible so that an accommodation may be reached.

TAs should report any and all inappropriate attempts at communication from students to the course instructor or the TA hiring coordinator, whether they regard course material or are social in nature.

International Student TAs

A TA who is an international student may require additional testing by the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) to ensure he or she meets university language requirements. Language support is available from the SASC. The results of testing may lead to a change in TA duties, as indicated by the SASC.

International students on an F-1 and J-1 visa must be enrolled full time in order to TA, and cannot work over 20 hours a week.