Carnegie Mellon University


Research in the Department of Statistics spans a range of topics from theoretical to applied, but always with a strong focus on developing novel, modern approaches to data analysis with a firm foundation in statistical theory.

Here we have divided our research into two broad categories:

Cross-Disciplinary Research and Theory and Methodology Research

But, in truth, the lines between these areas are blurry: Theory and methods development is motivated by the challenging problems that arise from our interdisciplinary collaborations, while we continually seek to find new ways to utilize new methods in our applied work.

Our Ph.D. students become involved in research almost immediately when they start the program. The first semester is spent learning from the faculty about their wide range of research areas, and hearing about specific projects that could be pursued as an Advanced Data Analysis (ADA) Project, which is a year-long, intensive collaborative research experience required of all of our Ph.D. students.

Focused work on thesis research typically begins immediately following the conclusion of the ADA project, since most students will complete the coursework requirements during the first three semesters.