Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Statistics & Data Science is world-renowned for the significance of its contributions to statistical theory and practice and for its outstanding interdisciplinary applied research and will prepare you to innovate with data and tackle pressing local, national and global challenges.

Renowned for its undergraduate and graduate academic programs, we focus on providing an educational experience that supports and challenges students and offers collaborative experiences in both research and real-world applications. Our popular undergraduate program is known for its depth and breadth in both applied and methodological topics with excellent graduate school and job placement. We have cutting edge professional master’s programs in applied data science and computational finance and a thriving Ph.D. program that attracts exceptional students from around the world.

Faculty are engaged in a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and interdisciplinary research, making fundamental advances in neuroscience, networks, finance, genetics, sports, public policy, high dimensional inference, and theory and methods at the intersection of statistics and machine learning.

Collaboration–both within our department and across the university–is a core value of Statistics & Data Science and a hallmark of our academic programs and faculty research.

Statistics & Data Science students are challenged in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment that provides access to real-world data science problems.

96% of Statistics & Data Science graduates reported having full-time positions or were accepted into a graduate program upon completing their programs.