Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Statistics & Data Science is world-renowned for the significance of its contributions to statistical theory and practice and for its outstanding interdisciplinary applied research.

Faculty in the department are engaged in a wide range of theoretical, methodological and collaborative research. Current research by our faculty is helping to make fundamental advances in neuroscience, cosmology, networks, finance, genetics, public policy, high-dimensional inference, and theory and methods at the intersection of statistics and machine learning. Collaboration, both within the department and across the university, is a core value of the department and a hallmark of the research work of our faculty.

The department boasts a very friendly and energetic working environment, and is dedicated to fostering, mentoring and supporting its community. The department is also widely recognized for advancing the teaching of Statistics & Data Science and for the excellence of our undergraduate program, with a large number of undergraduate majors and popular joint undergraduate programs in statistics and economics, and in statistics and machine learning. We also have two successful master’s programs and a thriving Ph.D. program that attract exceptional students from around the world.