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Become a Teaching Assistant

Thank you for your interest in being a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the Department of Statistics & Data Science.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are an important part of the success of the department’s programs. These positions are given to students who have demonstrated both an understanding of the course material and the ability to help others learn this information. They assist the instructor by completing various tasks; typical responsibilities under the supervision of the instructor include:

  • Holding office hours
  • Grading homework/examinations
  • Leading lab sessions
  • Conducting review sessions

Teaching Assistants are selected each semester for the following semester (e.g. students apply in the Spring to TA in the Fall). While students indicate the courses for which they would like to TA, it is ultimately the decision of faculty and staff to identify the best candidates for specific classes. 

You will be considered for a teaching assistantship if you:

  • Complete the following application
  • Are in good academic standing with no academic integrity infractions
  • Received a grade of B or higher in the course(s) for which you are applying to be a TA; however, typically TAs have received an A in the course(s)
  • You may also be eligible to TA a course based on your educational background. 

Undergraduate TAs 

If you are an undergraduate student who would like to TA for one of our classes, please fill out the below application.

Submit Your Application

For any questions about the undergraduate TA application process, please reach out to Peter Freeman

External Graduate TAs

If you are a graduate student who is not currently/is not anticipating being enrolled in a Stat & DS graduate program, please fill out the below application.

Submit your application

For any questions regarding the external graduate student TA application process, please reach out to Samantha Nielsen.