Carnegie Mellon University

Intermediate Russian II

Course Number: 82-292

Fulfills Intercultural and Global Inquiry Gen Ed requirement

In this intermediate course, students will review the basics of Russian grammar, develop listening comprehension, and expand their vocabularies and recognize the conversational, artistic, and academic usage of Russian. They will learn to relate simple narratives on familiar topics, express their opinions, ask questions, and speak about hypothetical situations. Students will be able to grasp the main ideas of newspaper articles and hold straightforward conversations with native speakers. In addition to working with the course textbook, workbook, and website, students will conduct a semester-long research project simulating the experience of living in a non-Russian region or country where Russian is frequently spoken. Students will compare and contrast everyday life in the Russian-speaking world with their own worldview, with special attention given to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the global Russophone community. Students will also utilize Russian-language texts and media to explore the historical formation of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, as well as the relationships between former Soviet republics and the wider world today. Students will also consider the historical development of the Russian language and the influence of other cultures and languages in producing the modern language we speak today.

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Units: 12
Prerequisite(s): 82291