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The Master of Arts in Global Communication and Applied Translation is a one and one-half year program that provides students with training in the principles and practices of professional translation, localization, and global communication. Students will build expertise through a) coursework in theories and approaches to translation, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural analysis, computer-assisted technologies, and field-specific domains (e.g., localization, editing and proofreading, project management, comparative stylistics); b) project-based collaborations; and C) internships.

Our program, an interdisciplinary effort coordinated by the Departments of English and Modern Languages, is uniquely situated in Pittsburgh and at CMU to offer a professional degree that can train students who will facilitate the sharing of ideas across different national contexts and traditions.   In recent years Pittsburgh has become a truly global city, home to more than 400 high profile international organizations and companies representing 37 countries. Carnegie Mellon University, a vibrant global university with a community of individuals from numerous different countries, is known for its innovation and impact on the real world. 

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