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Students in the Department of Modern Languages engage with languages and cultures to make a world of a difference in all that they do.

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Student Achievements & News

See how Modern Language students are excelling in their areas of study and beyond

  • Christine Shi was awarded a dissertation pilot research grant for her project, "Contributions of Word Recognition Skills to JFL Word Meaning Inference."
  • Botagoz Tusmagambet was awarded a pilot research grant for her project, "Relationship between L2 Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension."
  • Michael DeSalvo was awarded a pilot research grant for his project, "Emotion in Interaction: Differences in Language Learning Modality.”
  • Ding Wang-Bramlett was awarded the Technology Enhanced Language Learning Fellowship for her project, "An Experiential-Learning Approach to Chinese Learning."
  • Recent grad Nuria Ballesteros Soria (Ph.D. SLA) joined Carnegie Mellon University as a special faculty member in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Dean’s Office.
  • Recent grad Joseph Schaefer (Ph.D SLA) is Chief of the Strategic Languages Division at the United States Air Force, where he is responsible for all Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian language and culture education.
  • Julie Conti, Emily Gallagher, Haider Nazir, and Jenna Stanislaw were named Fulbright Scholars for 2022-2023.
  • Bonnie Chan and Kendyll Cole presented a poster “Black Aggression in the Wake of Pandemic Panic: Effects of Word Choice and Race on Speaker Judgments