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82-181 Classical Latin: Rome's Cultural and Linguistic Legacy

Why are so many scientific, medical, and legal terms Latinate in origin? How can studying a dead language help us learn about living ones? How can studying this ancient language help us understand our modern world? In this course, we will explore these questions through…
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82-183 AI for Humanities: The Multi-Dimensions of World Languages, Arts & Cultures

Dive into the thrilling world where AI meets humanities! In this dynamic course, you will see how cutting-edge AI intertwines with the vibrant threads of global languages, arts, and cultures. Through engaging lectures, hands-on activities, and innovative projects, you'll…
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82-198 Research Training

Section A: Latin American Comics Archive (Professor Felipe Gomez) This project involves research of Latin American comics. The course will teach the basics of Comic Book Markup Language (CBML, a TEI-based XML vocabulary) for encoding and analyzing the structural, textual,…
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82-265 Third Cinema: People, Language & Culture in Documentary Storytelling

Could you create compelling narratives with cultural resonance? Could you use film as a tool for understanding and cross-cultural dialogue? In a world looking for connection, this course brings you into the world of documentary filmmaking, exploring languages, cultures,…
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82-282 Interpreting Global Texts & Cultures

Fulfills Humanities Gen Ed requirement Literature, film, music, art, theater, and other forms of humanistic artistic expressions, play an important role in society. Few moments in life are as moving as listening to the right song at the right time, and many of us can list…
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82-283 Language Diversity & Cultural Identity

Fulfills Intercultural and Global Inquiry Gen Ed requirement Culture, language, and identity are intimately tied together. Individuals, families, communities, and nations identify themselves in relation to the language or languages they speak. Local, national, and…
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82-284 Multicultural Pittsburgh: VR Storytelling

Pittsburgh is known for its multicultural landscape and communities. Through this course, students will explore the cultures, identities, languages, and groups that have historically shaped, and are still shaping Pittsburgh. Students will develop digital documentation of…
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82-286 Of Minorities & Migrants: Exploring Germany from the Margins

Germany today is home to a multi-cultural and ethnically diverse population, largely the result of accelerated migratory flows in the wake of the country's postwar era. In this course, we will explore the impact and cultural dimensions of migrations through the lens of…
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82-288 Everyday Learning: Designing Learning Experiences in Times of Unrest & Uncertainty

Could you make complex ideas accessible and engaging to learners everywhere? Could you use what you know to make society better, teach as an agent of social change? In these times of Covid-19 many people have used learning to stay connected with friends and communities,…
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82-388 Topics in Second Language Acquisition: Second Language Speech

This course provides an overview of the fundamental questions, theories, methodologies, and findings of second language (L2) speech research. Choose from two sections: Language & Identity or Interaction & L2 Development. SECTION A: Language & Identity…
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82-580 Senior Seminar

This seminar for majors in Modern Languages focuses on general issues in second language learning. It provides an integrative and culminating experience for students as they complete their studies. The course includes consideration of language learning and language…
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