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82-192 Elementary Russian II

Elementary Russian II is the second semester of a yearlong beginning Russian sequence. Students who complete this yearlong sequence will acquire the basics of Russian grammar and develop an active vocabulary of approximately 1,000 words. They will learn how to tell simple…
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82-292 Intermediate Russian II

In this intermediate course, students will review the basics of Russian grammar, develop listening comprehension, and expand their vocabularies and recognize the conversational, artistic, and academic usage of Russian. They will learn to relate simple narratives on…
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82-392 Advanced Russian I: Great Short Works

A ghost robs a poor copy clerk of his prized overcoat. A nightmarish visit to a local museum somehow spirits a Russian refugee back to the Soviet Union. A desperate mother beats her son in order to ensure his bright future. Although Russian literature is famous for its…
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82-394 Russian for Heritage Speakers: Babushka's Russia & Beyond

This course is designed to address the linguistic and cultural learning needs of heritage speakers of Russian, those who grew up hearing and speaking Russian at home but who have had little or no formal study of Russian language, culture, or history. Although heritage…
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