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82-121 Elementary German I

This course is for students with no prior experience in German. Using a proficiency-oriented approach, students will develop contextually appropriate interpersonal communication skills in both written and spoken German, develop reading and listening skills through the use…
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82-122 Elementary German II

This course is designed for students who have taken first-semester German at Carnegie Mellon or learned its equivalent as determined by placement. Using a proficiency-oriented approach, students will expand contextually appropriate interpersonal communication skills in…
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82-221 Intermediate German I

The goal of Intermediate German I is to further develop students linguistic and cultural knowledge, allowing them to feel more comfortable as a user of German. By the end of the semester, students should be able to: use and understand German in everyday situations;…
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82-222 Intermediate German II

This course aims to increase your proficiency in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension. You will get practice in speaking and listening through classroom discussions of the readings as well as group discussions of general topics.…
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82-323 Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the 20th Century

This course advances proficiency in communicative and grammatical skills in the German language and knowledge of German-speaking cultures through the study of important events, trends, and people of the twentieth century in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Examples will…
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82-426 Babylon Berlin and the Weimar Republic

This course, conducted entirely in German, will address the television series Babylon Berlin, which is based on novels by Volker Kutscher. Babylon Berlin is the most popular German Netflix series ever made, and it deals with Germany in the final years of the Weimar…
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82-427 Nazi and Resistance Culture

Taught in English "How could the land of Goethe and Beethoven also have produced Hitler and the Holocaust?" This is a question that has frequently been posed about Germany. Germany has arguably been the dominant country in Western musical development since the sixteenth…
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82-522 Special Topics in German Studies

Restricted to language majors who wish to go beyond the regular course offerings in German Studies involving group or individual study in a subject area approved by the instructor. VIEW the Schedule of Classes for more details