Carnegie Mellon University

Strategic Campus Partnerships

In support of our Client Focus, Computing Services continues to build strategic partnerships with our campus partners to identify opportunities to create more sustainable, efficient, and effective solutions in support of the people, processes, and technology required to support the university. Computing Services in collaboration with campus partners is exploring, iterating, and piloting new models to meet strategic needs and generate value.

Expected Outcomes

  • Maximize productivity by bridging a technical skill gap, allowing campus partners to focus on core academic and administrative needs.
  • Reduce risk by eliminating single points of failure in technical knowledge and staffing for campus partners.
  • Manage costs by establishing scalable and predictable project implementation plans to support business demands as compared to hiring a dedicated person or external consultants/vendors.

Timeline and Milestones

Centralized Software Development Support

FY22 — FY23

  • Formalize a Software Development Service to provide software engineering and scalable solution implementation to campus partners
  • Partner with SCS and ECE to leverage the Software Development and Application Management services to formalize development and support strategies for key applications
  • Extend these partnerships to include the Tepper School of Business as the Tepper Systems Development Team joins Computing Services, and explore opportunities to work with other departments

College of Engineering and Computing Services Partnership

FY23 — FY24

  • Enhance day-to-day work experiences by removing duplicative services to create capacity for specialized support where needed.
  • Centralize core desktop support services for the College of Engineering.  

  • Transition desktop support for productivity equipment and applications to the Desktop Support Program (DSP).