Carnegie Mellon University

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Campaign

Computing Services will establish a DEI team to plan and structure our intentional contribution toward realizing the DEI goals set for the university. The team’s focus will follow the lead of institutional leadership, with the following set of ideas as possible initiatives:

  • Conduct a local DEI review to assess current state and identify gaps and challenges.
  • Immediately integrate existing HR DEI guidance into current practice, including:
    • recruiting diverse leadership and staff candidates, especially engaging the internal pipeline of graduating students
    • standardizing interview and hiring processes
    • tracking DEI metrics
  • Provide training for all leadership and staff around DEI policies and known gaps in practice
  • Initiate a mentoring program to assist in career development for all employees with particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on under-represented minority groups.
  • Seek opportunities for unique contributions to advance DEI goals:
    • Increase inclusivity of tools (e.g., digital accessibility)
    • Leverage customer engagement activities to specifically determine audiences excluded from or inadequately served by existing IT services