Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership Development

Leaders play a crucial role in the growth and culture of an organization. Strong leadership is essential for us to attract, retain, and develop our staff and to empower a leadership mindset at all levels. This effort will provide deliberate opportunities for current, aspiring, and future leaders to further their development and collaborate with one another and their colleagues. These opportunities are on-going or provided on an annual basis.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhance leadership skills of current and emerging division leaders through shared experiences
  • Foster a culture where open dialog and a growth mindset are the norms
  • Encourage mentorship and collaborative relationships

Timeline and Milestones

MOR IT Leadership Program

FY22 — FY23

The MOR IT Leadership Program (ITLP) is an investment in the university staff to help them grow as leaders and to Maximize Organizational Resources (MOR). Computing Services sponsors a group of six to eight internal staff and campus partners to participate in this year-long development program. The goal is to develop or deepen partnerships as well as create a shared experience and vernacular around leadership concepts. The division will continue to sponsor a cohort annually, as it has for over a decade. The program provides an opportunity for a CMU cohort to participate along with cohorts from other higher education institutions - deepening internal relationships and establishing new relationships with peers from other institutions.

CMU Lead

June 2022 — November 2023

The aim of this university program is to foster development experiences for current and potential leaders at CMU. It focuses on increased engagement and understanding of what it means to be part of a world-renowned research institution. It creates avenues for interaction and learning with faculty, senior leaders, and other staff to share leading practices, transfer institutional knowledge, and encourage mentorship and partnership as core values. Computing Services participates through annual nominations for this HR sponsored program.

Leadership Exchange

FY22 — FY23

Convene a group of diverse leaders to collaborate and create opportunities for staff at all levels to provide mentorship, share best practices, and learn from one another. This activity will leverage the experiences of those who have already participated in the MOR ITLP and other programs to support the creation of the long-term vision for diversity, excellence, resilience, and depth in division leadership skills.