Carnegie Mellon University

Service and Project Portfolio Management Program

Service and Project Portfolio Management are vital steps toward delivering value to our customers. These practices ensure that we are offering the right IT services to our customers and provide governance and oversight into the responsible management of our financial and human resources to meet our strategic goals. With a common understanding of service quality and value, our organization can successfully define and plan projects that enhance our customers’ experiences and enable service excellence.

Expected Outcomes

  • Transform business operations by enabling decision-making, prioritization, and the responsible management of human and monetary resources
  • Maximize operational excellence and minimize risk through enhanced project and portfolio management practices
  • Enhance customer experiences by aligning and evolving the division’s service design and strategy practices to meet customer needs
  • Enable service excellence by enhancing quality, performance, and operations through continual service improvement
  • Support the division in our pursuit of excellence to deliver value to our campus partners that not only meets but exceeds expectations

Timeline and Milestones

Phase 1: Interim Project Portfolio Management Processes

FY21 — FY22

  • Prepare a portfolio of the division’s strategic work to facilitate enhanced project transparency, approval, and prioritization
  • Define service team roles and responsibilities to support continual service improvement and promote service excellence
  • Provide guidance for standard project milestones to support service and project delivery expectations


Phase 2: Service Orientation and Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Discovery

FY22 — FY23

  • Research industry tools and processes to support service orientation and CSI activities while facilitating cultural change
  • Partner with select service teams to experiment with service orientation and CSI processes and tools
  • Develop a roadmap for creating a sustainable service orientation and CSI program