Carnegie Mellon University

Workforce Development

Computing Services is an organization affected by continuous change, driven by the accelerated pace of technology advances, demands for digital transformation, and desire for business process efficiencies. Creating and improving an environment where all staff may learn, thrive, and contribute in accordance with their unique strengths is critical for successfully keeping up with change. A key component is to deliberately focus on building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where all contributors with various life experiences are not merely tolerated but invited to bring perspectives with broader, more heterogeneous visions of how to engage, innovate, and serve.

In order to attract, retain, and develop staff to create a top-notch workplace with world-class IT professionals, we will commit to the continual renewal of our workforce to develop their talent and enhance their well-being. The vast and varied knowledge and experience of our people goes well beyond IT applications, systems, networks, and security. It includes planning, reading, and writing skills; speaking, listening, and facilitation skills; and creativity, resilience, and patience.

Establish, promote and support training, education, mentorships, and orientation programs to maximize our collective potential. To support this goal, Computing Services will institute programs and initiatives that seek to inspire a culture of trust and instill a growth mindset while encouraging individual and team development aligned with technology trends and organizational resilience.