Carnegie Mellon University

Research Services

Research activities require many different types of information technology support including storage, networking, data management, and compliance. As a critical mission component and leading opportunity area for the university, there is much to be gained by providing centrally supported computing services to augment the localized research support resources available within the colleges and their departments. This is supported by the Faculty Senate Research Data Management Resolution from several years ago. This resolution states, “Researchers in all disciplines are faced with a range of data management needs as research becomes more collaborative, data-intensive, and computational … and an institutional commitment to effective data management is required for faculty to participate.”

Provide readily available, compliant, and responsive research computing capabilities in partnership with existing localized resources. To support this goal, Computing Services has partnered with the Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR) to explore opportunities to consolidate research computing support when a solution can effectively scale for the enterprise. This will improve the universities’ ability to practice its core research mission while enhancing capability, reducing enterprise risk, and promoting efficiency.