Carnegie Mellon University

CSS Awards and Recognition Program

Computing Services staff members work together as one team to collaborate, innovate, and drive transformation. The Computing Services Spotlight (CSS), Awards and Recognition program, allows colleagues and partners to recognize exceptional performance, outstanding teamwork, and overall contributions of Computing Services staff members to our organization.

Who can nominate an individual?

We encourage the campus community to nominate and celebrate the achievements of Computing Services staff. Together, we can continue to foster a culture of excellence and recognition within our organization.

Nomination Categories

Customer Service

This individual provided outstanding customer experience for Computing Services or the university. The nomination should represent an exceptional customer experience or outcome which positively impacted a specific project or process.


This individual performed in a manner that organized and led others to exceptional outcomes and performance above what is typically expected. They empowered, challenged, and inspired staff to reach their highest potential and motivated others.


This individual developed and implemented a process or a technical solution that positively impacted Computing Services or the university at large. The solution provided new functionality, improved performance, and/or reduced associated costs.

Group Performance

Any group that reflects the attributes of one or more of the individual categories in a manner that contributed to the overall success of Computing Services or the university.

Awards are presented annually and quarterly.