Carnegie Mellon University

University IT Portfolio Management Decision Group


This team provides governance and decision-making for resource allocation and oversight of projects presented to the University IT Portfolio Management (UITPM) process.  The UITPM process is the mechanism used to negotiate and manage supplemental funding for large-scale IT investments at the institution.  In addition to reviewing and validating the goals and scale of approved projects, one additional strategic consideration is to smooth the magnitude of IT investment across fiscal years to improve financial predictability for multi-year planning.


  • UITPM is an annual proposal and selection process designed for projects with significant IT impact that have estimated project costs of at least $200K
  • Projects not reaching the cost threshold may be considered if the overall impact to the university community will be substantial (e.g., change in campus-wide user experience, major risk mitigation, compliance issues, etc.)


The University IT Portfolio Management Decision Group (UITPM-DG) is composed of the senior-most leaders of the university who oversee areas of large university operations. The UTIPM-DG works with the University Executive Management Team (EMT) regarding the scope of funding available for these activities and provides annual funding recommendations to the EMT (and often to the board) for final approval.

Membership Expectations

  • Regularly attend and participate in yearly planning discussions
  • Review proposals for strategic relevance, appropriate project scope, and budget estimates.
  • Share, contribute, and offer feedback on all proposals toward a consensus slate of work
  • Sponsor and represent proposals from their own areas
  • No delegates may be sent on members behalf