Carnegie Mellon University

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions

Beginning 2021, the university began the transition to Google Mail and Calendar as the standard email and calendar services for all campus affiliates. This decision was based on an evaluation of our current email and calendar solutions and trends in technology. While the initial project will complete a consolidation of the email/calendaring platforms, the pandemic has driven a need to support hybrid productivity and expanded collaboration models. Following the transition to Google Mail and Calendar, Computing Services will continue to evaluate and transform our productivity and collaboration solutions to meet the evolving needs of the university community.

Expected Outcomes

  • Consolidation onto Google Workspace as the standard email and calendar service for all campus affiliates
  • Expanded integration capabilities between campus technology platforms (e.g., 25Live, Workday) and Google Workspace
  • Discovery and advancement of next-generation mass communication tools aligned to campus needs
  • Reduction in successful impersonation and other email-based cyber attacks

Timeline and Milestones

Individual Migrations to Google Workspace for Education

FY21 — FY22

  • Migrate individual Exchange email and calendars to Google Workspace for Education


Mail Environment, Special Use Cases, and Integrations


  • Consolidate and transition CMU’s mail routing architecture to support the updated environment
  • Migrate use cases for Exchange-only features to alternatives
  • Decommission the on-premises Exchange environment.
  • Evaluate and plan for additional integrations between campus technology platforms, SaaS tools, and Google Workspace
  • Address new and existing business requirements with additional Google Workspace features
  • Evaluate additional features for enhanced mail hygiene

Mass and Group Communication Needs


  • Discovery and planning for the next generation of mass mail tools, mailing lists, distribution groups, and broad-based communications.