Carnegie Mellon University


Affecting Positive Change and Improving Our World

portrait illustrations by
John Jay Cabuay

Carnegie Mellon University has established a reputation for its ability to attract, retain and graduate some of the most talented individuals in the world. These people set the standard among professionals across the globe — regardless of their area of study. Take a look at just a few of the exemplary trailblazers from the academic disciplines within the College of Fine Arts who are making positive changes in our world.

CFA’s trailblazers are many, and narrowing the field is difficult because all alumni make their mark in different ways. The exceptional individuals noted here were chosen by their school or academic program head for the outstanding contributions they have made to society, thus far, affecting change, thinking critically to help others and helping to improve the world through the arts, architecture and design.

Andrea Love

Green Future

Andrea Love Spearheads Sustainable Building Design

Renée Stout

Artistic Narrative

Renée Stout: Contradiction and Community

Maggie Breslin

Patient Revolution

Maggie Breslin: Design a Revolution

Ming-Na Wen

Proving Them Wrong

Ming-Na Wen Achieves Her Dream (and Becomes a Disney Legend)

Gil Rose

Modern Music

Gil Rose: Into the Future

Lingdong Huang

Programming Art

Lingdong Huang: Classic Curiosity

Larissa Bell

It's "Showtime"

Larissa Bell Leads Network's Original Programming