Carnegie Mellon University
CMU Student Government (StuGov)

Welcome to CMU Student Government

The Carnegie Mellon Student Government consists of an Executive Branch and a Legislative Branch. This is the core of traditional student government, as governed by the Student Body Constitution. The Activities Board (AB) is an external committee of the Student Senate, that acts more or less independently to provide events, concerts, films, lectures, technical assistance, and other activities for the campus. The Student Dormitory Council (SDC) is composed of student representatives from campus housing and is engaged in improving the quality of student life for residents.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of four individuals:

  • Student Body President (SBP)
  • Student Body Vice President (SBVP)
  • Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF)
  • Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO)

They serve the entire student body, graduate and undergraduate.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch has graduate and undergraduate components:

  • Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)
  • Undergraduate Student Senate

These bodies pass legislation, recognize organizations, allocate student activities funding, and otherwise act on behalf of all student interests.


There are also formally identified cooperative efforts among these components. The Joint Funding Committee (JFC) is charged with creating a recommendation for the allocation a large portion of the total student activities fee, and is composed of representatives from the GSA and the Student Senate. The Committee on Student Organizations (Coso) is responsible for recognizing new student organizations re-recoginzing young organizations. Finally, the Student Government Executive Committee brings together the leaders of student government: SBP, SBVP, SBVPF, Student Senate Chair, and GSA President.