Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome to CMU Student Government

The Carnegie Mellon Student Government consists of many groups, at their core governed by the Student Body Constitution.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch has graduate and undergraduate bodies:

These bodies are populated with student representatives from across the university and enact legislation, allocate student activities funding, and otherwise act on behalf of all student interests. Senators are elected for each college in a campus-wide election each Spring or internally during vacancy elections, and GSA Representatives are chosen or elected by their home graduate department.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of two individuals:

These individuals and their committees serve the entire student body, graduate and undergraduate. They are elected in a campus-wide election each Spring.

Other Committees

The other main two standing committees within student government are:

Leadership Committees

The Executive Committee and the Student Leadership Council bring together the leaders of all student government groups:

  • The Student Government Executive Committee (StuGovExec), which focuses on campus-wide advocacy and is composed of the GSA President and a second representative from GSA, the Senate President and a second representative from Senate, and the Student Government Chief of Staff.
  • The Student Leadership Council (SLC), which focuses on student government logistics and coordination and is composed of all of the Executive Committee, the DoF, the DoO, the AB Executive Chair, the SDC President, the Student Government Chief of Staff, and the Constitutional Advisor.