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A Black woman with black-framed glasses, curled hair and hoop earrings wearing a blue one-shoulder dress, gestures toward the audience while standing at a lecturn with a red Carnegie Mellon University sign attached to the front.
A sample resume for Sean McGowan, director of employer relations at Carnegie Mellon
AI-generated artwork based on favorites of visitors to the Carnegie Museum of Art
A technical drawing of part of the Duquesne Incline
A graphic of the capitol and a generative AI bill
A student-designed cube satellite
Trojan horse on top of blocks of hexadecimal programming codes. Illustration of the concept of online hacking, computer spyware, malware and ransomware. stock photo
Erica Cochran Hameen presents at Energy Week
Will Brill wins a Tony Award.
In 1920s-era costumes, a white woman dressed as a man with a moustache speaks with her arm around a Black woman dressed as a man, who looks reluctant to the companion's message. The pair stand in front of an American flag on a stand.
Rabbi Sandra Lawson speaks during the 2024 Pride Keynote Lecture at CMU.
graphic of brain-computer interface