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Dena Haritos Tsamitis at the INI commencement ceremony

June 13, 2018

Expert Focus: A Message to STEM Grads

By Dena Haritos Tsamitis

Christa Jones
  • Director of Marketing and Communications

At the Information Networking Institute’s (INI) diploma ceremony last month, I looked out into the audience of graduating students and saw the faces of brilliant women and men who came to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) because they wanted to change the world.

My graduates powered through a very rigorous academic experience and emerged more confident, stronger and smarter than ever. In a few short weeks, they will take their hard-earned knowledge and invaluable technical and leadership skills and start the ne​xt chapter of their careers - some with technology companies, others with research organizations or government agencies. Some may start their own companies or already have.

The world-class education my students received at the INI makes them stand out and provides opportunities that most don’t have. With this Carnegie Mellon degree and the new knowledge and skills they’ve gained comes immense responsibility.

My message to all STEM graduates, at the INI and beyond, is simple: embrace the responsibility.

The technologies and systems you develop have the power to solve global problems and transform lives, but they may also contribute to societal problems - either through unintended consequences or by design.

With these advances come new questions and ethical challenges, perhaps most importantly, what role do you, as technologists, play in society?

Let’s take a cue from the medical profession: First, do no harm.

At the INI, we like to say “My Heart is in the Network.”

It is more than just loving what you do. It is infusing your work with humanity and compassion. It is being responsible, for yourself, for others and for society.

Now, to my INI graduates and to all STEM graduates, go out and change the world for the better!

DenaExpert Focus

Dena Haritos Tsamitis has led the College of Engineering's Information Networking Institute (INI) as director since 2004. Her efforts have prepared the next generation of information networking, security and mobility professionals at Carnegie Mellon University. Read Her Full Bio