Carnegie Mellon University

A home away from home.

The INI building at 4616 Henry Street in Pittsburgh is a vibrant home for students, staff and faculty. The second floor is a dedicated student space for study sessions, collaboration and social events.  

Holiday Party

Event and Networking Space

From student events like the Thanksgiving Potluck and Tree Decorating party to admitted student socials and alumni networking events, the student floor is the perfect place for dynamic gatherings.

View of the Student Floor

Supporting Collaboration

Student media and project rooms feature state-of-the-art multimedia systems systems for online collaboration.

Quiet Study Room

Quiet Study Room

Need to focus on an assignment in peace and quiet? Our Quiet Study Room offers the ideal spot for concentration without any distractions.

Quiet study space

Adaptive to Student Needs

Options for group collaboration or private study.

Kitchen area of student floor

Building Community

Share a meal or take a snack break in the kitchen space, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, Keurig machine, vending machines and eating area.

Pod study space

Ideal for Group Work

The booth-style "pods" with writeable wall surfaces provide an ideal space for group work. 

Interview and Project Rooms

Interview and Project Rooms

Three rooms on the student floor can be booked for interviews or project meetings.

Reserve a Room

Distributed Education Centers (DEC)

Equipped with the latest video-conferencing technologies, the classrooms connect the students and faculty in Pittsburgh to their counterparts in Japan and Silicon Valley.