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Alumni Leadership Council

Seeking to engage and strengthen the INI alumni network and help INI achieve its strategic goals.


Connecting alumni more closely with each other, the INI and CMU, their community and professional partners.

Creating sustainable strategies to engage INI alumni in meaningful ways.

Providing insight drawn from our careers and INI experience.

Meet the INI Alumni Leadership Council

Formed in 2009 as a group of valued advisors and passionate advocates.


Samantha Allen, Chair

2015 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Security Technology and Management (MSISTM)

Samantha is originally from Gary, Indiana and earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Hampton University. She is currently based in the DC metropolitan area, where she works as a Cyber Security Engineer and Project Manager at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), performing research and development in cybersecurity. She is involved in developing, testing, and integrating software, networking and other technologies that support advanced and scalable cybersecurity systems, as well as address operational challenges.

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Archie Agrawal

2015 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Management (MSITSM)

Archie Agrawal is Product Lead at Amazon working on appropriately handling user-generated content via human-in-the-loop machine learning. She brings strong product management expertise in building consumer and enterprise products. She leads cross-functional teams, drives product strategy and vision, and shows thought leadership in grappling with markets, business, and customer needs. Previously, she has held key roles at Microsoft and Bank of America. In her free time, she loves to read books and mentors new product managers to create the next generation of product leaders.

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Sree Anand Ratnasinghe

1997 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Sree is a customer-obsessed and results-driven cloud executive with two decades' experience leading global technology organizations focused on enterprise adoption of emerging technology and solution architectures. She thrives at the intersection of customers, cloud architecture, and organizational leadership, and leads with her unique brand of speed and empathy. Sree has embarked on her new adventure at Amazon Web Services as Director of Cloud Solutions Architecture for the Southeast region. Previously, Sree was an IBM Executive Director across roles including Solution Architecture, Professional Services, and Customer Success. Sree is a strong believer in the force multiplier effect, and enjoys a mentorship role collaborating with colleagues on their career and personal advancement. Sree is a Board Member of WomenNC empowering gender equality and women leaders.

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Yen-Ming Chen

1999 Graduate – Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Yen-Ming is a Senior Program Manager at Apple, where he leads a team that focuses on managing regulatory compliance and security risk. He has over 15 years of technical and management experience in Risk, Security and Compliance covering various technologies, countries and industrial regulations. In fall 2017, he sponsored an INI practicum project to build a solution of trust management platform powered by Blockchain.

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Victor Dibia

2011 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Victor is a Principal Research Software Engineer at Microsoft Research. His interests are in the intersection of Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction. He was previously a Principal Research Engineer at Cloudera, Research Staff Member at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Technical Instructor at MIT and a startup founder. Following his graduation from the INI, Victor obtained a PhD in Information Systems from City University of Hong Kong. Connect with Victor on Twitter @vykthur.

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Ben Draffin

2017 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Technology-Information Security (MSIT-IS)

Ben is a Security and Compliance Lead based in the Bay Area. "I am fascinated by the human motivations for committing fraud and computer security attacks. I love how varied the responses are. Using a password manager is great, and also checking your credit report. Both prevention and reaction are effective and interesting!" His interests include live theatre, live music, minimalist extended travel, meditation, and running.

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Sin-Kuen Hawkins

1990 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Sin-Kuen Hawkins is a Program Director in IEEE Future Directions, which is responsible for bringing together multiple Societies and Councils to provide broad and deep perspectives on a particular topic, application, and technology. Prior to joining IEEE, she served as an engineering consultant on projects for the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Army. She also has 18 years of experience with Bell Communications Research and Telcordia Technologies, most recently serving as the Director of Network Engineering and Design. 

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Patty Huang

1992 Graduate—Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Patty is a Senior Manager at Verizon for the product development of Verizon Smart Family and Location Based Services. Previously, Patty led the product management and solution architecture for Apple devices on Verizon's cellular network and she launched an open API developers program. Prior to Verizon, she held key roles at Ericsson, Telcordia, and a start-up acquired by Cisco Systems.

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Xinfeng Le

2014 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Technology-Mobility (MSIT-MOB) 

Xinfeng is a Senior Product Manager at Uber Freight, where she leads the carrier experience product team. She first joined Uber in 2016 as part of the Global Growth team to help unlock growth internationally in key strategic regions like China and APAC. Prior to Uber, she led product strategy and execution around notification experience at eBay. Xinfeng earned her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Southeast University in China.

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Preston Mesick

2014 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Management (MSIT-SM)

Preston is a Senior Product Manager at DISCO, a cloud-first legal software company, where he is leading a cross-functional initiative to prepare the organization for rapid scaling. Prior to DISCO, he spent 13 years in financial markets on the sell-side at Citi and fintech at Broadway Technology and Barracuda FX in a number of functions including: quantitative analysis, trading, sales, and account management. Firmly believing multi-disciplinary employees and cross-functional understanding as critical to success in forward-looking businesses, Preston has advocated for and coached others in developing strong diversified and impactful skill sets.

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Jatin Shah

2006 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) 

Jatin is originally from Mumbai, India, where he graduated from Mumbai University (Information Technology). Jatin currently works at Stripe as Staff Software Engineer in online databases group which manages large fleet of database nodes to provide highly reliable and always available platform to Stripe's payment APIs. Prior to Stripe, Jatin worked at Amazon as an Engineering Manager in AWS Aurora; Netflix (6+ years) as Senior Software Engineer in platform engineering group; Google (2+ years) as Software engineer in Google+ & Android Play Store; and Microsoft (5+ years) as an engineer in Windows and OneDrive. In his free time, Jatin loves reading, camping & backpacking and biking. Jatin lives in San Jose with his wife (an MISM graduate; they met in Mumbai and were in CMU together!) and their two super active sons (ages 8 and 5).

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Tyelisa Shields

2010 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Technology - Information Security (MSIT-IS)

Tyelisa (the humorist, go-getter, and quiet leader with enthusiasm and insight) is a native of Concord, NC and now resides in San Jose, CA.  She earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Grambling State University. Shields was the 2009 recipient of the EWF INI Fellowship and the 2010 recipient of the Pradeep K. Khosla Leadership Award.

Tyelisa is currently an Information Security Risk Manager in Apple’s Internet Services & Solutions division where she helps ensure that products such as Beats, Apple Music, iTunes, and iCloud are secure.

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Madhur Shrimal

2016 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Management (MSITSM)

Madhur Shrimal is a Software Engineer in the crypto team at Coinbase. He is responsible for leading the engineering design and implementation of critical services at Coinbase. Previously, he has held key lead roles at Grab and Microsoft. In his free time, he likes to read books, contribute to open source projects, and mentor people about engineering career paths and opportunities

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Andrew Spangler

2017 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS)

Andrew Spangler originally graduated in Electrical Engineering (Notre Dame, BSEE 2010) and worked in control systems and firmware development in industry, before returning to graduate school for a security specialization (CMU, MSIS 2017). He now lives in Boston and works in secure software design for an autonomous vehicle company based out of Boston, Pittsburgh and Singapore.


Nishant Verma

2011 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Management (MSITSM)

Nishant joined Discovery channel in January, where as a product lead he drives key initiatives in access and identity for Discovery+. Before Discovery, he was a Product Manager for Azure Chat and led optimizations and improvements to the Customer Experiences platform for Azure. Prior to Microsoft, he was a Product Manager in the Walt Disney Company leading multiple initiatives, including video personalization and customer privacy initiatives for ESPN. Before Disney, Nishant began his IT career at Boeing as an engineer and switched through many technical roles, working for several years in the CAD/CAM software deployment space.

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Devika Yeragudipati Devarakond

2012 Graduate - Master of Science in Information Security Technology and Management (MSISTM)

Devika is currently a Security Engineer in Apple Media Services at Apple, where she works with engineers and product owners to understand risk and help with secure design, implemention and deployment of products. She is very interested in security (risk, validation, assurance, threat modeling, pen-testing, security awareness), as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

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Anusheh Zohair Mustafeez

ALC Student Representative

Anusheh is currently a first-year MSIS student. She is originally from Lahore, Pakistan from where she earned her B.S. in Computer Science from LUMS. During her undergraduate, she worked extensively on Algorithmic Auditing. She is also deeply interested in Cryptographic techniques. In her free time, Anusheh can be found playing detective games and watching crime documentaries.


Nishant Rajesh Tayade

ALC Student Representative

Nishant is from India where he completed his undergraduate degree in Information Technology. He previously worked as a Security Analyst at IBM where he was working on network security, threat hunting and other security operations. Currently, he is pursuing his MSIT-IS degree at INI and is also working as a Teaching Assistant for Cyber Risk Modeling. Nishant is very passionate about Threat Intelligence and Computer Forensics, and wants to build a career in the same field.