Carnegie Mellon University

Artificial Intelligence Engineering - Information Security (MSAIE-IS)

As part of a college-wide initiative focusing on artificial intelligence, the INI has launched a new Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Engineering - Information Security (MSAIE-IS) program.

MSAIE-IS students will gain a deep understanding of AI methods, systems, tool chains and cross-cutting issues, including security, privacy and other ethical, societal and policy challenges. Students will apply AI to the design and implementation of information security systems, including networks, software and services. 

Artificial Intelligence Leader

The MSAIE-IS degree is a first-of-its-kind program bringing information security issues to the fore as technologies embrace the artificial intelligence revolution. Of course, it's launching at Carnegie Mellon University, where our work in cybersecurity is uncontested and our faculty have led the world in artificial intelligence education and innovation since the field was created.

Program Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate knowledge of artificial intelligence methods, systems, tool chains and cross-cutting issues including security, privacy, and other ethical, societal and policy challenges;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to information security and privacy principles;
  • Apply state-of-the-art techniques for information security and privacy to artificial intelligence systems including algorithms and infrastructure;
  • Apply artificial intelligence concepts to the design and implementation of information security systems including networks, software, and services;
  • Evaluate trade-offs involving information security, policy, business, economic and management principles in artificial intelligence systems.
  • Demonstrate application of learned knowledge to real-world problems in preparation for transition from academia to industry. (Applied study option learning outcome)
  • Create and demonstrate new specialized knowledge through advanced research or development in their chosen area of focus. (Advanced study option learning outcome)

Dheeraj Pai, MSAIE-IS student (MS34)

"There were a couple of things I considered while applying to MSAIE-IS. First of all, I did have some background in security and computer systems, as well as in machine learning. So, I did want to pursue a career in both fields. I would have taken courses in ML and AI as electives. But now, I can take them as my core requirements and take more well-crafted electives based on my interests.

"Secondly, in modern AI applications, there is a lot of interplay that occurs between AI and information security, as well as systems area. For example, voice recognition (accurately predicting the user amongst a million other users using a small, recorded voice) may be a huge feat in AI but a major concern in privacy. A usable fully homomorphic encryption would be a great feat in cryptography and, at the same time, does have a huge impact in privacy preserved computing, especially on AI apps that run on cloud. I did feel that having the expertise in both would open up better career opportunities for me."