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New program launching Fall 2022

M.S. in Artificial Intelligence Engineering - Information Security (MSAIE-IS)

The following curriculum applies to MSAIE-IS students starting their INI program in the 2022-23 academic year (MS34 cohort).

Core Courses [96 units]

Artificial Intelligence CORE (42 UNITS):

  • Systems and Tool Chains for AI Engineering (12 units) 

    • Offered in Fall 2022 as 14-813 Special Topics.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers (12 units) 

  • Introduction to Deep Learning for Engineers (6 units) 

  • Trustworthy and Ethical AI Engineering (12 units) 

Information Security Core (36 UNITS): 

  • Introduction to Information Security (12 units)
  • AI Applications in Information Security (12 units) - New course
  • Choose one course from Additional Security Core course list** (12 units)


  • AI Business Modeling (6 units) - New course


  • Choose one: 
    Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks (12 units) 
    Advanced Real-World Data Networks (12 units) 

Program Electives [24 Units]

Fulfilled by courses in INI, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), School of Computer Science (SCS), Engineering & Public Policy (EPP), Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) or Integrated Innovation Institute (III), and/or approved courses in the Heinz College or Tepper School. Some exceptions apply.

Academic & Professional Development 1 [3 Units] 

  • 14-601 INI Academic and Professional Development 1  

Please note: depending on your study option, you may have additional requirements. Review chart below

Study Options

MSAIE-IS students pursue one of the following four study options within their degree program.


Program length

Internship Requirement

Distribution of units 

[123 Units]
3 Semesters No Internship
  • Core [96 Units]
  • Electives [24 Units]
  • APD 1 [3 Units]
[129 Units]
3 Semesters Required Internship 
  • Core [96 Units]
  • Electives [24 Units]
  • Internship [3 Units]
  • APD 1 [3 Units]
  • APD 2 [3 Units]
[159 Units]
4 Semesters

No Internship


  • Core [96 Units]
  • Electives [24 Units]
  • Advanced Studies [36 Units]
  • APD 1 [3 Units]

Applied Advanced
[165 Units]



4 Semesters Required Internship 
  • Core [96 Units]
  • Electives [24 Units]
  • Advanced Studies [36 Units]
  • Internship [3 Units]
  • APD 1 [3 Units]
  • APD 2 [3 Units]

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The INI cannot guarantee that courses will be offered each semester or in a specific semester as advertised on this page. Students must refer to the 'Schedule of Classes' to determine course availability. The INI cannot guarantee that a student will be offered a seat in a specific course. These apply to courses at the INI as well as other departments at Carnegie Mellon. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the student to read and understand the following information regarding this program and its requirements. Should an individual have any further questions, they are encouraged to contact INI Academic Affairs Office (AAO) at for assistance.