Carnegie Mellon University


We design and deliver exceptional, world-class engineering master’s degree programs and transformative learning experiences enriched with diverse perspectives. The INI equips our graduates with distinct interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that set them apart from their peers.


Our graduates are driving innovation and having a positive impact on the world.


Interdisciplinarity: We empower the next generation of leaders through programs developed by our world-class faculty who bring a rich set of perspectives and experiences from across disciplines. The INI curriculum is complemented by meta-curricular activities to offer a framework for students to create their own paths.

Innovation: We evolve and adapt as our changing world demands by giving our faculty, students and staff the resources to investigate, the freedom to experiment and the encouragement to excel. As an organization, we are always innovating, adapting our curriculum and co-curricular activities to maintain relevance amidst rapid change.

Resilience: As we near the INI’s 35th anniversary, we’re proud to reflect on the ways we’ve grown. Our network of changemakers and collaborators has been our driving force in ensuring the success of our students, faculty, and alumni. Our adaptability has solidified our place as a leader in education innovation.

Inclusivity: Our people are our greatest asset. We provide a welcoming culture that cultivates inclusivity and values a diversity of opinions, intellectual perspectives and life experiences from all people while celebrating their ethnic origin, race, religion, gender, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, self-identity, and neurodiversity. Members of the INI community value, respect and trust one another, as evidenced by what we say and, more importantly, by what we do.

Wellness: We encourage our staff, faculty and students to prioritize their physical and mental health. By attending to our well-being, we show up with a full cup, primed and ready to be of service to others.