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The INI is part of the College of Engineering and a collaboration of the School of Computer Science, the Tepper School of Business and the Heinz College. These rankings reflect the INI's interdisciplinary culture. 

U.S. News & World Report Graduate Ranking

Engineering: 4
Ranked March 2019
   Computer: 3
   Environmental: 7
   Electrical: 8
   Civil: 9
   Mechanical: 10  

Ranked March 2019
  Full-time MBA: 17
  Part-Time MBA: 9
  Information Systems: 2

Computer Science: 1
Ranked March 2019
   Artificial Intelligence: 1
   Programming Language: 2
   Systems: 2
   Theory: 4

Public Affairs: 14
Ranked March 2019
  Information and Technology Management: 1
  Public Policy Analysis: 6
  Environmental Policy and Management: 5

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