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Supplier Forms FAQs

The following forms are considered supplier forms:

These supplier forms are available on the Finance Division Forms page.

All supplier forms should be emailed to

Questions regarding supplier forms should be directed to Questions sent to will not be answered as this inbox is set up to only process supplier forms.

Known good supplier information is contact information that has been confirmed by the campus buyer as valid contact information that the Accounts Payable team can use to contact the supplier to confirm their bank account information. This information should be contact information that has been used by the campus buyer to communicate with their known supplier contact or is provided by the campus buyer’s known supplier contact.

An automated email message will be generated once a supplier has been set up from the Accounts Payable Domestic Supplier Form [.pdf], Accounts Payable International Supplier Form [.pdf], and Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form [.pdf]. The email will be sent to the CMU employee who submitted the paperwork to Accounts Payable to alert them that the supplier is now available for the creation of the purchase order (PO).

  • Ensure the supplier completes the form electronically so the information is legible
  • Ensure that all required documentation (i.e., Form W-9, Form W-8, Foreign National Information Form, PA REV-1832) is included with the fully completed and signed form
  • Review supplier setup forms for accuracy and completeness prior to sending to Accounts Payable
  • Notify new suppliers that if they request electronic payment, CMU’s Accounts Payable department will contact them to confirm banking information
No, each supplier form must be emailed to Accounts Payable in separate emails.

The supplier forms are located on the Finance Division forms page.

All of the forms that are required are located at setting up a new supplier in Oracle.  Please note that any of these supplier forms that require a WebISO login are not accessible to the supplier directly and will need to be sent to the supplier by a CMU employee.

The supplier setup process can take up to three weeks. In order to expedite this process, please review supplier setup forms for accuracy and completeness prior to sending to Accounts Payable. If forms are incomplete or incorrect, the buyer will be contacted for the additional/corrected information. Additionally, consider notifying new suppliers that if they request electronic payment, CMU’s Accounts Payable department will contact them to confirm banking information.

PA REV-1832, 1099-MISC Withholding Exemption Certificate [.pdf], is used to determine the residency status of suppliers or identify the type of entity that is receiving payment. By completing the exemption certificate, the supplier certifies the reason why 3.07% Pennsylvania income tax is not required to be withheld on the payment of non-employee compensation, business income, or lease payments. PA REV-1832 is included in the Accounts Payable Domestic Supplier Package [pdf] to be completed by all new suppliers. The supplier should sign and complete the following sections: Payor Information, Payee Information, Exemption Reason, and Certification of Payee. If the supplier is using the exemption certificate located on the Finance Forms website, the Payor section is already completed.  

A payment site is where the vendor prefers payments to be sent to, most likely where the payments are processed in order to mark CMU's invoice as paid.  A purchasing site may be where they manufacture the item, or where their warehouse exists, and where they want the purchase orders to be sent.  It is not unusual for a site to be both a payment receiving site as well as a purchasing site.

At a minimum, an international business must complete the Accounts Payable International Supplier Information Form [.pdf]. An international person, at a minimum, must complete either the Foreign Source Income form (if they will be performing NO work in the United States) or the Foreign National Income form (if they WILL be performing work in the United States). 

In addition to these forms, both international businesses as well as international persons may also be required to complete one of the W-8 forms, most often the Form W-8BEN.  The completion of a W-8 is required anytime a product or service is being provided and such product or service will be delivered or performed within the United States.  The W-8 forms are used by foreign persons (including corporations) to certify their non-American status.

Also, you should consult with the University Contracts Office to determine when a contract is needed.

CMU is a U.S. based organization and is required to adhere to all generally accepted accounting principles and other U.S. government agency laws and requirements. Based on these laws, CMU is required to withhold taxes from payments made to non-residents when the services are performed in the U.S. If services are performed by the non-resident outside the U.S., the U.S. authorities require this form to be completed and kept for record in case of audit.  This form certifies to auditors and appropriate authorities that CMU made a payment to a non-resident and that the services were performed outside the U.S. and therefore no tax withholding is required.

Yes. The supplier needs to complete a new supplier information form noting that this is an update to the existing supplier information. This information is needed as the information in the Oracle Financial System must agree to the supporting documentation on file.