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Supplier Inquiry

How can I tell if the supplier I want to use is already in Oracle? How do I look it up?

What is alternate name? How do I find a supplier via Alternate Name?

Is there a list of CMU’s preferred suppliers that I can reference in choosing a supplier to do business with?

Why would a supplier be inactive?

Can I request that an inactive supplier be re-activated and, if so, how do I do that?

How can I see the different sites that exist for a supplier (payment receiving sites, purchasing sites)?

How can I check the supplier’s banking information that is setup in Oracle?

If I generally make purchases with a supplier in the US set of books and I would like to use that same supplier in the QAR or AUS sets of books, is there a way that I can request the supplier information to be copied from the US set of books into the other?

How is contact information updated in Oracle for an active supplier?

Do we have to use licensed vendors when utilizing the Carnegie Mellon trademark?