Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Supplier Invoice Requirements

  1. Type or print invoice information to ensure legibility and do not cover information with highlighter, marker, stamps, handwriting, etc. This will ensure your invoice information is systematically read by the university’s automated supplier invoice payment system and processed accurately.
  2. Include the CMU purchase order (PO) number used to initiate the purchase and the invoice number. Invoices without the PO and/or invoice number will be returned to you and deleted from the university’s automated supplier invoice payment system. If you were not provided with a CMU PO number, please contact the university buyer who initiated the purchase for a copy of the PO. Once this information is obtained, please add the PO number and/or invoice number to the invoice and resubmit the invoice.
  3. Submit invoices requiring payment to This email address is also noted on the CMU issued PO. Please do not submit zero balance invoices, statements or invoices showing amounts previously paid to this email address.
  4. Submit credit memos to The CMU PO number should be listed on the credit memo to be applied correctly.

Suppliers are encouraged to submit all invoices for payment directly to CMU’s Accounts Payable department using the email above. However, if the university buyer placing the order requests to receive the invoice first, you may provide it to that individual to forward to CMU’s Accounts Payable department on your behalf. Please note that the university’s standard payment terms are net 30 from the date of the invoice.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting CMU’s supplier invoice requirements. This will help to improve the process and ensure that your future payment(s) from CMU can be processed with greater efficiency.