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Accounts Payable Forms FAQs

The Accounts Payable Redistribution Form [.pdf] should be used to correct accounting information associated with any transaction that posted to the General Ledger or Grants Management from Accounts Payable (invoices, expense reports, PRC verification reports) AP will not process general university operations redistribution requests that fall below a $250 threshold without the department’s Administrative Leadership Group (ALG) member approval. Sponsored projects, student activities, gifts/restricted accounts and capital purchases related AP redistributions will continue to be processed.. AP redistributions that fall below the $250 threshold and are not for a  sponsored project, student activity, gifts/restricted accounts or capital purchases must be approved by the department’s ALG member to be processed. The Authorization for Transactions Less Than $250 section on the Accounts Payable Redistribution Form [.pdf] must be completed or the AP redistribution will not be processed.

All fields for the relevant document type at the top of the form need to be completed, as well as the type of accounts payable transaction (invoice, expense report, purchasing card) and the information required for each transaction. In addition, the form contains interactive buttons that allow the user to select what type of redistribution is to occur (GM to GM, GM to GL, etc).  These buttons will also produce additional fields if more space is needed.  A separate redistribution form is required for each source document (individual invoice, ER, or PRC) to which changes need to be made.

Please reference the AP Inquiry Guide for steps that will assist in finding this information. If a redistribution needs to be performed on an expense report, the Vendor Name on the AP Redistribution form is the employee on the expense report and the Invoice Number is the Expense Report Number (ERXXXX). Likewise, if a redistribution needs to be performed on a PRC verification report, the Vendor Name will be the cardholder's name and the Invoice Number will be the PRC Number (PRCXXXXX).


When entering the Original Charge Information on the AP Redistribution form, it is important to enter the entire amount of the line item that needs to be changed, even if the redistribution is only for a portion of the original dollar amount. For example, if the original dollar amount was $500.00 and you want to change the distribution for $100 of that $500, the Original Charge Information line on the AP Redistribution form should be for $500. The Correcting Information section of the form would then show 2 lines - $400 going to the original distribution account and $100 going to a new distribution account.

In order to change the charge string on a PO for an Accounts Payable redistribution, you must determine what has happened to the line item; has it been received against, billed, cancelled? If it has been cancelled, the line cannot be changed. If the line has been received against, you must create a return in order to change the charge string. If the line has been received against AND billed, you must complete the AP redistribution form and send it to AP. AP must unbill the line and then you must create a return against the line item so that you can go back into the PO and unreserve the PO and then change the charge string. Once you have changed the charge string, you must submit the PO for re-approval and, once it has been reapproved, create a receipt against the changed line and then AP will be able to re-match (bill) the invoice against the line with the changed accounting information.

NOTE: The steps to performing some of the tasks mentioned are available in the online Purchasing User Guide, found on the Business Systems and Services User Guide page under Oracle Purchasing documentation.

If you still have questions or concerns, you may also contact the Business Systems Help Desk.

The Accounts Payable Request for Payment/Refund Form [.pdf] can only be utilized under certain circumstances. All questions regarding this form are to be directed to Accounts Payable at 

You can put multiple source documents (individual invoice, ER, or PRC) on the same APR as long as there is a clear DataWarehouse report included, stating the vendor name, invoice number and amount of the line to be redistributed. Each line on the source documents must be going to the same GL/GM string, and going to the same GL/GM string.