Carnegie Mellon University

Purchase Order/Accounts Payable Invoice Processing FAQs

Yes, each invoice must include the following information: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Purchase Order Number, Remit to Address, Quantity, Unit Price, Total Price and Total of the Invoice.

An invoice should not include previously paid balances, credits and/or multiple payment due amounts.  The invoice should only include the amount due for that invoice. Credit memos should be issued when a supplier needs to issue a credit.

When a deposit is required, the deposit should have a separate line on the PO and the supplier must provide an individual invoice for only the deposit portion.

No, the PO and/or the PO cover sheet should not be sent to Accounts Payable. All university buyers should send suppliers the PO as this includes the link to the university’s terms and conditions as this includes the link to the university’s terms and conditions. Additionally, this will ensure the supplier has the CMU PO number to include on the invoice.

All invoices with the required information, including a PO number, should be emailed to

Yes, Accounts Payable prefers that suppliers send the invoice directly to

All invoices are paid based on the university’s payment terms, which is net 30 from the invoice date.