Carnegie Mellon University

Honorarium FAQs

There are two forms required to process and pay an honorarium: First, the CMU buyer should complete the Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form [.pdf] and submit it to  Once that form is approved, the CMU buyer must then submit the Honorarium Payment Form [.docx] to to request the payment.

The Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form [.pdf] must be completed to setup the supplier. This form plus a Form W9 [.pdf] or Form W-8 and Foreign National Information Form for Non-Employees [.pdf] must be submitted to

The Honorarium Payment Form [.docx] must be completed and submitted to

No, the Pennsylvania 1099-Misc Withholding Exemption Certificate [.pdf] is not required for honorariums. However, if the individual will be providing other services for the university it is recommended to complete this form.

The Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form [.pdf] must be completed and submitted to Identify the recipient as an existing supplier on the Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form.

No, the requestor (CMU buyer) will receive an automated email from when this form is approved. Once the honorarium payment is processed, users with Oracle AP Inquiry access can view the document in Oracle by clicking on the green Perceptive icon in the toolbar.

Please contact the University Contracts Office (UCO) at for guidance on when a speaker agreement is required versus an honorarium agreement. UCO can provide assistance regarding the correct contract to use for your applicable situation. In addition, you may view the Honorarium Guidance document [.pdf].

All honorariums are paid net 30 from the invoice date.