Carnegie Mellon University

Rental Vehicles Insurance Information

General Information

  • There is inherent liability associated with signing a vehicle rental agreement and operating a vehicle.  
  • Please consult the Business Travel and Expense Policy along with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Document for additional information.
  • Questions may be directed to
  • Contact Insurance Services before renting a vehicle that will be needed for more than 30 days at
  • Any rental vehicle that has a value over $75,000 must be specifically scheduled with Insurance Services prior to the start of the lease/rental agreement.
  • Individuals renting vehicles for more than 30 days should contact Insurance Services to confirm applicable insurance coverage.
  • The renter should take photos/video to document the condition of the interior and exterior of the car including the fuel gauge and mileage at both the time of pick-up and return.
  • The traveler should understand and follow all procedures set forth by the rental car company and that may include calling the originating rental car location, a national rental car location office and/or the rental car company’s roadside assistance provider.  Additionally, accidents should be reported to the local policy (where applicable), your manager and Insurance Services.

 Regardless of location, the following optional personal insurance coverages will not be reimbursed:

  • Personal effects coverage/effects protection;
  • Personal accident insurance.

Domestic Vehicle Rentals

Faculty, Staff and Students renting and driving a vehicle in the contiguous United States are encouraged to rent through a preferred rental car supplier which have have liability and physical damage coverages built in for university business, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental car contract and other applicable policies.  The university’s auto insurance policy may be excess over the rental car insurance and is available at this link. Obtain a copy of the university's usage language and insurance card here.

International Vehicle Rentals

Faculty, Staff, and Students should use caution when renting vehicles outside of the USA for university business and should be familiar with all prevailing license and driving rules prior to renting a vehicle.  The renter should purchase insurance to cover damage to the rental car.  Additionally, they should purchase any liability coverage that is legally required for where travel is planned.