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Payment Forms (PayDoc) FAQs

A PayDoc is a payment form required to be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable to generate a payment without a purchase order (PO).

The following forms are considered PayDocs:

These forms are available on the Finance Division Forms page.

All PayDocs should be emailed to

Yes, documentation to support the validity of the payment is required to be submitted with the PayDoc to Accounts Payable for processing. Please note that payment will not be generated without any backup and a member of Taxation or Accounts Payable will contact the person who submitted the form if information is missing.

Questions for PayDoc forms should be directed to

No, departments will not be contacted when payments have been processed. Individuals with Oracle AP Inquiry access can view the status of the payment within Oracle.

When submitting a PayDoc via email, type in the body of the email that you would like to pick the check up at Cash Operations. Alternatively, you could contact
It could take up to two weeks for PayDocs to be processed in Oracle. To expedite processing, please ensure that you submit all required documentation with the PayDoc form.

Yes, Accounts Payable recommends the following to help expedite the processing of a PayDoc:

  • Complete the form electronically so the information is legible
  • Ensure all required documentation (i.e., Form W-9, Form W-8, Foreign National Information Form, PA Withholding Exemption Form) and sufficient support to justify the payment is included with the form
  • Review the PayDoc form for accuracy and completeness prior to sending to Accounts Payable
No, each PayDoc form (and any supporting documentation) must be emailed to Accounts Payable in separate emails.
The forms are located on the Finance Division forms page.
Accounts Payable will continue to process old PayDoc forms until June 9, 2019. Beginning on June 10, 2019, Accounts Payable will return the old version forms to the preparer and require new forms be submitted.
Yes, the invoice can be viewed in Oracle with the AP Inquiry responsibility. The AP Inquiry screen will include the green Perceptive icon on the top of the page that the individual can click on this to view the invoice.