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Non-Employee Expense Reports FAQs

Questions relating to the Non-Employee Expense Reports in ECM are grouped into the following categories for ease of use:



Non-Employee Expense Report Reminders for Faculty and Staff

To ensure the quickest processing time when submitting an expense report in ECM, please be reminded of the following:

  • It is important to enter the correct email address in the top section. If the email address is incorrect, the Payee will not be able to initiate the expense report and a new expense report must be created. 
  • Ensure the Payee filled out their name correctly with their full legal name (last, first, middle). The Payee name should be the legal name that matches a driver license, passport or other legal forms (i.e. Social Security Card or Visa). Nicknames are not permitted.
  • Ensure that the Payee provided their full address, which must include street address, City, State, and Zip Code for US addresses. For addresses outside of the US, include City/Region/Province and Country as well.
  • For successful electronic payments, the Payee’s bank account information must be complete and correct. The payee must provide:
    • Routing number and account number – US Bank payments
    • Swift Code and IBAN – Foreign Bank payments
      • Sort Code required for Irish/UK banks
      • Transit Code required for Canadian banks
  • If the Payee is associated with the university (i.e. student), include the Payee’s Andrew ID to assist with data entry.
  • Ensure the Payee responds to the question regarding US Citizenship. This is required for tax reporting purposes if the reimbursement is taxable.

  • All receipts for expenses over $75 must be attached to the form. If a receipt is missing and/or damaged, complete the Missing Receipt Form [.pdf] and attach it to the ER when submitted.
  • Ensure that if requesting reimbursement for mileage, the mileage rate used is accurate for the reimbursement year. Mileage rates must be accurate per the time period of the expense Visit for rates. Include support, such as Google Maps directions, to support your mileage claim.
  • An expense report can only be processed in one currency. If a receipt must be converted to a different currency, ensure the currency conversion support is attached with the original receipt. Visit for currency conversion information. In addition, the payment currency should be completed in a currency the bank of the Payee will accept.
  • If the submitted expenses have been outstanding for over 90 days from when the expense was incurred:
    • Attach the W-9 for a US Citizen
    • Attach the FNIF and W-8Ben for Foreign Nationals
      • Non-resident aliens could be subject up to 30% withholding on their payment