Carnegie Mellon University

Vendor/Supplier Onboarding

Effective April 1, 2024, Carnegie Mellon University is using PaymentWorks as our vendor/supplier registration and onboarding platform. New and existing university vendors/suppliers are required to register and create/maintain a profile in PaymentWorks in order to do business with the university and receive payment(s).

Types of suppliers that require a vendor record in PaymentWorks include:

  • Providers of Goods (paid with Purchase Order)
  • Providers of Services (paid with Purchase Order)
  • Tuition Payment Recipients
  • Speakers & Performers
  • Honorarium Recipients
  • Royalty Payments Recipients
  • Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Suppliers (as named in award)

Honorariums processed through PaymentWorks no longer require the Honorarium Agreement/Supplier Information Form. The Honorarium Payment Form is required to process the payment once the supplier is approved in PaymentWorks, set up in Oracle and the Purchase Order (PO) is created. Visit the Honorarium Guidance and Honorarium FAQs for additional information.

Vendor/Supplier Onboarding Platform Benefits:

  • Streamlines and automates vendor/supplier onboarding process
  • Systematically verifies information, documentation, workflows, and approvals
  • Enhances compliance and eliminates manual efforts/processes
  • Mitigates fraud through robust prevention techniques, data security, and identity validation
  • Provides efficient supplier updates, including business classifications
  • Improves management of time sensitive documents
  • Mitigates risk and provides insurance coverage