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uber-and-lyft-in-us-cities.pngPolicy Brief Series on Uber and Lyft in U.S. Cities: Findings and Recommendations from Carnegie Mellon University Research on Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) [.pdf] (2022)

Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Daniel Armanios, Corey Harper, Destenie Nock, Kate Whitefoot, Matthew Bruchon, Mahtot Gebresselassie, Connor Forsythe, Lily Hanig, and Adam Koling


Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in the United States [.pdf] (2017)

Jeremy Michalek


Costs and Benefits of Electric Vehicles in the United States [.pdf] (2017)

Jeremy Michalek

Innovative Energy Technologies: The Next Generation [.pdf] (2017)

This technology guide was developed by a team led by Deborah D. Stine, Professor of the Practice, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, and Associate Director for Policy Outreach, Scott Institute; and Reed McManigle, Senior Manager, Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation, Carnegie Mellon University.

*This guide is currently being updated and will have an updated version available soon*

variable-energy-resources-pg.pngManaging Variable Energy Resources to Increase Renewable Electricity's Contribution to the Grid [.pdf] (2013)

[news release] [presentation (.pdf)]

Contributors: Jay AptPaulina JaramilloDeborah D. StineInês Azevedo, P.M.S. Carvalho, Danielle Changala, Gilbert Cohen, Michael Dworkin, Emily Fertig, Baruch Fischhoff, Iris Grossmann, Mark Handschy, Paul Hines, Eric Hittinger, Enes Hosgör, David Yaffe, Warren Katzenstein, Colleen Lueken, Roger Lueken, Brandon Mauch, Jeremy MichalekM. Granger Morgan, Robert Nordhaus, David Luke Oates, Scott Peterson, Stephen Rose, Todd Ryan, Kyle Siler-Evans, Mitchell Small, Allison Weiss, Jay Whitacre


Shale Gas and the Environment: Critical Need for a Government-University-Industry Research Initiative [.pdf] (2013)

[news release] [presentation (.pdf)]

Contributors: Deborah D. StineJeanne VanBriesenAllen RobinsonMike Griffin, Austin Mitchell, Elizabeth Casman, Peter AdamsKelvin GregoryChris HendricksonPaulina Jaramillo, Mohan Jiang, Anirban Roy

Natural Gas For Transportation or Electricity? Climate Change Implications [.pdf] (2011)

Aranya Venkatesh, Paulina Jaramillo, W. Michael Griffin, H. Scott Matthews

Valuation of Plug-in Vehicle Life-cycle Air Emissions and Oil Displacement Benefits [.pdf] (2011)

[policy brief] [press release]

Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Mikhail Chester, Paulina Jaramillo, Constantine Samaras, Ching-Shin Norman Shiau, Lester B. Lave

The Many Meanings of "Smart Grid" [.pdf] (2009)

M. Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, Marija D. Ilic, Marvin Sirbu, and Jon M. Peha


Economic, Environmental and Security Implications of Plug-in Vehicles [.pdf] (2009)

Jeremy Michalek, Constantine Samaras

Cap and Trade is Not Enough: Improving US Climate Policy [.pdf] (2009)

Constantine Samaras, Jay Apt, Inês L. Azevedo, Lester B. Lave, M. Granger Morgan and Edward S. Rubin


Managing Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Coal-Fired Power Plants [.pdf] (2009)

M. Granger Morgan