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EPP/MechE’s Kate Whitefoot was quoted in Vox on the EU’s more transparent gas measurements in comparison to the US. The EU’s liters per 100 kilometer driven method being “directly related to energy use and directly related to emissions” providing researchers with more precise data on fuel economy.


Fischhoff remembers late mentor Kahneman

EPP’s Baruch Fischhoff wrote a retrospective for Science on the late Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize-winning psychologist and author of works including Thinking, Fast and Slow. Kahneman, who was Fischhoff’s graduate advisor along with Amos Tversky, was awarded an honorary degree from CMU in 2012. “The imprint of Danny’s thinking and counsel have been lasting — and made EPP the most natural home in the world,” Fischhoff said.



Paulina Jaramillo and Michael Blackhurst of the Open Energy Outlook Initiative explain their goals of creating open access energy system models that can support decision-making toward climate stabilization.

Building Open Access Energy System Models

Fischhoff co-authors report on lessons from COVID

EPP’s Ramteen Sioshansi ranked #26 in the energy storage specialty on ScholarGPS. Highly Ranked Scholars™ are identified by career productivity levels (number of publications), as well as the quality and impact of their work. Sioshansi’s research focuses on the integration of advanced energy technologies, including renewable energy, energy storage, and electric transportation, into energy systems. He also works in energy policy and electricity-market design, especially as they pertain to advanced energy technologies.

Highly Ranked Scholars

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EPP/MechE’s Jeremy Michalek was quoted on the Living Planet podcast on how the electricity source that electric cars use can greatly alter their environmental benefits. Michalek compares electric cars using renewable energy sources and electric cars using energy sources from coal-fired power plants.

Living Planet

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EPP’s Ramteen Sioshansi spoke with Scripps News about the potential negative consequences of shutting down power lines which have been the main source of wildfires in recent years. Sioshansi discusses the predicament of people being completely reliant on electricity, while also being in danger of those electrical sources.

Scripps News

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