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Should ships in India switch to shore power?

Preliminary results from a study of Allegheny County’s public busses conducted by EPP Assistant Professor Destenie Nock, PhD student Lily Hanig, and CEE Assistant Professor Corey Harper, finds transit inequity directly contributes to higher infection rates among members of low-income and ethnic minority groups.

Transit Inequity Increased During Pandemic

Image of the US Capitol building with blue sky in the background

As Congress heads to conference on the Innovation Act, Professor Erica Fuchs testified on the need for cross-mission critical technology analytics to build a resilient economy.

Fuchs gives testimony before Senate Banking Committee

Fischhoff authors NASEM report on communicating vaccine efficacy and effectiveness

Howard Heinz University Professor Baruch Fischhoff was the lead author on the NASEM rapid expert consultation report, “Understanding and Communicating about COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Equity.” The report's authors offer advice for leaders communicating to the public about vaccine efficacy, effectiveness, and equity.

Fischhoff authors NASEM report

Air quality–related health damages of food

A new research paper from the University of Minnesota, with collaboration Peter AdamsNick MullerSpyros PandisAllen Robinson, and Peter Tschofen, shows how food production negatively impacts human health by increasing atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5), and identifies ways to reduce these negative impacts.


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