Carnegie Mellon University

Career Paths with EPP

Students who select one of the EPP additional majors graduate with a regular accredited engineering degree or complete science degree, and thus have all of the options for traditional technical careers as their single major classmates. A large portion of our additional major students pursue traditional technical careers after graduation in areas such as product development, consulting, project management, etc.

The advantage of the additional major is the added set of skills and perspectives, which allow a graduate of the program to improve the quality, sensitivity, and social responsiveness of their work, and the work of their colleagues. Employers recognize these skills and often view our graduates as more attractive for a traditional engineering or technical position. 

The additional major also opens up a collection of other options that are not available to most technical graduates. These include jobs in policy analysis in federal, state, and local government or in public policy consulting firms. Alumni also pursue careers in companies to deal with issues like government regulation, environmental control, worker health and safety, product liability and safety, telecommunications policy, energy systems, and the social impact of large technological systems.

Students also choose to continue their formal education, doing graduate work in engineering, the social sciences, law, or interdisciplinary programs.