Carnegie Mellon University

Course Requirements

Candidates for the MS degree must complete a minimum of 96 units as follows.

  • 19-701 – Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis (Fall)
  • 19-702 – Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis (Spring)
  • Courses with advisor approval that address quantitative methods appropriate for the student’s course of study, such as: 
- 19-603 Data Science for Technology, Innovation Policy 
- 19-703/19-704 Applied Data Analysis 
- 19-707 Multi-Criteria Decision Making
- 19-670 Quantitative Entrepreneurship
  • Courses with advisor approval that address social science or analysis methods appropriate for the student’s course of study, such as:
- 19-706 Microeconomics Analysis 
- 19-681 Managerial and Engineering Economics
- 19-666 Energy Policy and Economics
- 19-758 Organizational Behavior for Engineers
  • Courses or research units with advisor approval appropriate for the student’s course of study. These may include courses in specific topical areas (e.g., energy systems or information systems, climate issues, cybersecurity, technology innovation) or additional quantitative or social science courses.

- 19-621 Emerging Energy Policies
- 19-625 Sustainable Energy for the Developing World
- 19-693 Policies of the Internet
- 19- 673 Patents, Licensing and Innovation
- 19-682 Strategy and Management of Technological Innovation
- 19-711 Global Competitiveness: Firms, Nations and Tech Change
- 19-713 Pollices of Wireless Systems
- 19-722 Telecommunications Technology and Policy for the Internet Age
- 19-733 Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains and Applications

In addition, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum 3.0 QPA is required for graduation.
  • A grade of C (2.0) or better is required for a course to count toward graduation, but no more than two courses with a grade of C can be used to meet course requirements.
  • At least 84 units must be graduate-level courses (course numbers XX-600 or above).
  • A maximum of 12 units of undergraduate courses can be counted towards the 96 units required for the degree.

Undergraduate courses must be at the 300-level or above to count towards the degree.

  • A minimum of 60 units must be in EPP, 19-xxx courses.
  • No more than 18 units of research, 19-690 MS Project, can be counted toward the degree.
  • Courses used for current or prior Undergraduate or MS degrees may not be used for the EPP MS.