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Applying to MS in EPP

Applicants can apply for the MS in EPP program using the online application.

Applying to the Integrated BS/MS in EPP uses a separate application process. Please see here for more information

Application Checklist  (Please click on each item for further details)

* Please note that for the 2021 application cycle, the application fee is waived. *

The application fee to the MS in EPP program is $75.  Application fees can be paid by credit card using the EPP online application. Application fees cannot be received by bank wire.

Applicants must submit official transcripts from both undergraduate institutions and any previous graduate work. For a transcript to be official, it must be sent to the EPP admissions office by the university where the studies were completed. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program that you have not completed at the time you submit your application, please submit your current transcript. An additional (final) transcript must be submitted upon completion of your work.

You should expedite the processing of your application by submitting an unofficial copy of your transcript to the admissions office. An unofficial transcript can be submitted by uploading an electronic copy through the Academic History submission option on the online application.

If you upload unofficial transcripts with your application, we will review it. However, if you are offered admission, you will need to produce official transcripts prior to enrollment.

Check back in early fall 2021 for GRE requirements for the 2022 application cycle.

Because of the accelerated nature of the MS in EPP program, it is essential that students have a strong command of the English language. Whether you are an international or domestic applicant, you are required to take the TOEFL (or Duolingo, or IELTS) if English is not your native language and you have not previously received a four-year degree from a U.S. university. Carnegie Mellon prefers TOEFL scores above 102, scores for Duolingo 120/160 and above, and scores for IELTS above 7.5. If your scores are below these, we may also opt to call you to evaluate your English further. 

The TOEFL code for EPP is 69 for the department and 2074 for the institution.
When prompted to choose a department, please choose “Graduate,” not “Graduate Management.”

Students who have sufficient language skills to begin academic work can take advantage of training in advanced academic English and cultural skills provided by CMU’s Intercultural Communication Center (ICC). Students are strongly encouraged to attend an ICC Language Support Orientation session when they first arrive to better understand if language work is appropriate for their success.

For international students only

If admitted, you will be required to submit an official document to Carnegie Mellon's Office of International Education as proof of funding in order to obtain immigration paperwork.

Applicants to the MS in EPP program must submit an updated resume describing the applicant’s educational and professional background. Resumes can be submitted with the application.

Following are the essay questions from last year for reference. The essay questions for the fall 2022 application will be available early this fall

The first two prompts are required, while the third is optional:
  1. What are your goals after you complete your degree, and how will our graduate program help you achieve your immediate and longer-term future career objectives?
  2. Describe how your work, research, educational or other life experiences have prepared you for graduate study in this program.
  • (Optional) You may include any additional information for the admissions committee that is relevant to your application but not provided elsewhere either in the text box or the upload option below.
    • There is no guarantee this information will be included in the admissions committee review.

Three letters of recommendation must be submitted by applicants to the MS in EPP program. Letters are typically written by professors or work supervisors. At least one of your three recommendations must be from a professor at the educational institution last attended.

For a letter of recommendation to be considered by the EPP graduate admissions committee, the recommender must complete a recommendation letter formPlease see the application for more details.

(Optional) Applicants may supply the admissions committee with any additional information relevant to their application. Additional documentation can be submitted by uploading as an optional third essay.