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Student Resources

Quick Reference

Immediate life safety issues, University Police 412-268-2323, 300 South Craig Street

Medical or health issues, University Health Services412-268-2157, 1060 Morewood Avenue

Psychological or emotional difficulties, Counseling & Psychological Services (CaPS), 412-268-2922, Morewood Gardens E-Tower

EPP Graduate Student Ombudsman, Baruch Fischhoff, Posner Hall 385B

Student Affairs College Liaison for EPP, Liz Vaughan, 412-268-8704, Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Civic Engagement (SLICE), CUC

EPP DEI/CWB Department Input Form [link]

Key Offices for Graduate Students


Engineering and Public Policy course catalog

EPP and ETIM Graduate Student Handbooks

Additional Resources for Advising Topics and Questions

Fellowship Information

Doctoral Thesis Guidelines

Doctoral Thesis Submission Deadlines

CMU Academic Calendar

Memo on Proper Attribution: How to include proper citations in academic work.

Seminars and Events

Engineering and Public Policy seminar calendar

Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making workshops and seminars

The Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center seminar series 

Carnegie Mellon's Energy Week

EPP Faculty Seminar Series

Pittsburgh Social Seminar Tracker

Student Life

Tartan Connect: Events and organizations for students.

Office of International Education

Language and Cross-cultural Support

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion: Find a CMU Community

Carnegie Mellon Events Calendar

Additional Mental Health Resources

EPP Student Facilitation Board Website


Make an appointment to meet with Dr. Deanna Matthews, undergraduate faculty advisor.

For questions about undergraduate or graduate admissions, contact Debbie Kuntz.

For questions on graduate program policies and procedures, contact Vicki Finney.