Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Studies

The EPP undergraduate programs enhance a traditional course of study at Carnegie Mellon University with the perspectives and skills that enable students to understand and work at the interface between technology and society. Society is largely responsible for setting the goals and framing the problems that engineers work on, while the technologies designed by engineers profoundly change the societies in which they operate. Technology has enabled a healthier, richer and more productive society but has also contributed to some of the problems our world faces.

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We offer a variety of programs designed to suit the needs of both Engineering and non-Engineering students.

Additional major in Engineering and Public Policy

Students can enroll in the EPP additional major degree program which earns them a joint degree between EPP and any of the five primary engineering departments (Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, and Materials Science).

Additional major in Science, Technology, and Public Policy

The EPP department offers an additional major in Science, Technology, and Public Policy (STPP) for students outside of the engineering college who are earning a B.S. degree.  This includes students in the Mellon College of Science, the School of Computer Science, and select majors in the Dietrich College.  Similar to the additional major in Engineering and Public Policy, this new additional major is meant to broaden the perspectives on a student's primary major and provide additional skills for future careers.

Undergraduate Minors

Technology and Policy Minor

The T&P minor is designed to allow students to explore interests in the interactions of technology and policy without significant overload to the course requirements in their major curriculum.

Information Security, Privacy and Policy Minor

This minor is for undergraduate students across the university who are interested in policy issues related to security and privacy, including those who are planning careers in security/privacy as well as those who plan to focus their careers in other areas.

Fifth Year MS in EPP

Carnegie Mellon students, whether they have completed an EPP undergraduate program or not, may pursue a 5th year MS in EPP. 

To learn more about EPP undergraduate programs, please schedule an appointment with Deanna Matthews, Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs.