Carnegie Mellon University

Applying to EPP

Required Documents:

  • Official transcripts of all academic work are required at admissions, however, you should expedite the processing of your application by submitting an unofficial copy of your transcripts to the admissions office. An unofficial transcript can be submitted by uploading an electronic copy through the Academic History submission option on the online application.
  • GRE scores (Note: GRE scores are waived for application cycle Fall 2025)
  • TOEFL scores, IELTS or Duolingo if English is not your native language
  • Essays
  • Application fee waived for application cycle Fall 2025 

    Questions for all graduate program applicants:

    Responses to these questions can be up to 300 words
    1. Describe any challenges, barriers, or uncertainties you have faced, how you overcame them, and what you learned from them.
    2. What will be the biggest challenge for you in graduate school? What strengths do you bring with you?
    3. Describe how your previous experiences have prepared you for graduate study in this program. In particular, draw from previous research, project, or work experiences.
    4. What are your expectations of the graduate program to which you are applying (MS or PhD) and how will that program help you to achieve your immediate and long-term career objectives?
    5. The College of Engineering at CMU values excellence, innovation, being genuine, diversity, respect for others, integrity, trusting, and being trustworthy. Within the context of your experiences, how would you contribute to these values within our community?

      Questions for PhD applicants only:

    6. What specific research is of interest to you and how do you envision the research experience in EPP will be like? (Response to this question can be up to 300 words)
    7. Please submit a writing sample. Appropriate writing samples may include a term paper for a class, a lab report, a technical report for a client, or a journal paper. If you have written a statement of interest for applying to other universities, you could also use it as the writing sample you submit here.
  • 3 letters of recommendation (these will need to come directly from the submitter)
  • And please review our site to find information on the research that we do, so that you can indicate areas of interest & faculty that you would like to work with.
The GRE Codes for EPP are -- 1699 for the department and 2074 for the institution. Note: when selecting the Department Code, do not enter the number first. Type the NAME "Engineering" and scroll down to select "Engineering Other". 

The TOEFL Codes are -- 69 for the department and 2074 for the institution.

If submitting the IELTS electronic verification of admissions test scores, or Duolingo scores, request that IELTS deliver your scores to:

Carnegie Mellon University
College of Engineering
431 Hamerschlag Drive
Ansys Hall Suite 250
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

EPP Graduate Application Support Program (GrASP)

We are a volunteer group of current EPP graduate students interested in helping prospective EPP applicants navigate the application process. We recognize that the process could be daunting and we are hoping to help answer any questions you might have and connect you with any resources that are available on campus to support you through the application process. 

We offer our services to all who are interested, regardless of race, ethnicity or background, but our mission is to increase the diversity of the student body.

Please sign up using THIS Google form. If you have any specific requests about what you would like to get out of the mentorship program, the type of students (research interests, demographics, or any other characteristics) you would like to be paired with, please include that in the comment section of the google form and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.