Carnegie Mellon University

Master's in EPP

Engineering and Public Policy offers a MS program that helps students with technical backgrounds address policy issues focused on science and technology.

If you want to explore how engineering interacts with other disciplines to tackle the complex problems of today’s society, the EPP MS program might be right for you.

Engineering & Public Policy graduate students…

are engineers, scientists and mathematicians adept in technical areas that affect issues nationally and internationally; in the environment, energy, risk, regulation, information technology, internet security and privacy, telecommunications, education, technology development and exchange, or economic development.

recognize that the technical details matter in many policy issues, and wish to obtain or enhance advanced disciplinary skills in engineering and science.

understand that the technical details are not all that matters, and want to learn and apply knowledge and methods in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, political science, and law.

Our focus areas span many areas of engineering and policy:

Energy Systems

Climate and Environment

Technology Innovation Policy

Risk Analysis

Information and Communication Technology