Granger Morgan-Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Granger Morgan

M. Granger Morgan

Hamerschlag University Professor of Engineering

Professor (having served for 38 years as founding Department Head) of Engineering and Public Policy

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Heinz College

Co-Director, Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making

Co-Director, Electricity Industry Center

When to call: Morgan's research covers a wide variety of energy, global climate change and policy issues. Some specific areas of expertise include regulation, risk analysis, risk communication, the future of the energy system - especially electric power - and health and environmental impacts of energy systems.

Morgan chaired the National Research Council committee that studied vulnerabilities of the U.S. power grid. The report focuses on measures that could make the power delivery system less vulnerable to attack and restore power faster. Read the report »

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M. Granger Morgan, director of the Scott Institute from September 2012 to July 2014, is head of the Department of Engineering and Public Policy. He discusses the vision for the Scott Institute at CMU, and how its research, education and outreach is leading the transition to a sustainable energy future.