Carnegie Mellon University


EPP has about 800 undergraduate and 250 graduate alumni. Our network spans across the U.S. and abroad, with grads working in academia, government, and industry.

Make Connections

We welcome alumni to:

  • visit a class to talk about their career
  • host a student at your workplace for a day
  • provide an info session about your workplace and meet potential hires
  • discuss our current research
  • give a seminar for our ongoing “How Government Works” series

We can arrange for these connections during a planned trip to campus or via videoconference.

Participate in EPP Education And Research

Have an idea for an EPP Project?

At the undergraduate level, we welcome EPP Alumni input to EPP Projects courses. EPP Projects courses continue to tackle current issues in technology and society.

Recent project topics include:

  • Police Body Cameras
  • Personal Environmental Monitoring
  • California’s Water Problem: A Survey of New Technical and Social Solutions
  • Big Data in the 'Burgh: Evaluating the Impacts of an Open Data Portal in Pittsburgh
  • Optimal Scheduling for Medical Clinics
  • Providing Information to Non-English Speakers During Disaster
  • Adaptation in Pittsburgh
  • A plastic bag tax for Pennsylvania?

View a complete list of recent project course topicsIf you have an idea for a projects course, or are interested in being on a project Advisory Panel or Review Panel, contact Debbie Kuntz

Research in the department focuses on problems in:

  • energy and environmental systems;
  • information and communication technology policy;
  • risk analysis and communication; and,
  • technology policy and management (including technological innovation and R&D policy).

Across these four focal areas, the department also addresses issues in technology and organizations, energy and behavior, and technology and economic development. 


CMUniverse is a virtual mentoring platform that lets students choose how and when they want to engage with alumni. Alumni can provide advice on topics like:

  • Job search and interview strategies
  • Career paths and industry trends
  • Choosing a major
  • Applying to grad school
  • Resume or cover letter advice
  • Challenges with school, job, outlook, etc.

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